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Card of the Day: July 11, 2015

Today’s Card is the Page of Cups!

page of cups

Page of Cups

This card represents creative energy and the arrival of an unexpected message. Your emotional responses are strong now, and the way the message appears may be confusing at first, but will prove to be the piece that completes the puzzle. Now is the time to listen to your intuition and expect the unexpected! Tap into your sense of youthful silliness for new opportunities to learn, experience, and create.

I’ve been trying to make a connection between my own day and this card, but it won’t click–maybe the message has been delivered and it just hasn’t been made clear!

Happy Saturday <3<3


Card of the Day: July 10, 2015

Today’s Card is The Empress reversed!

the empress reversed

III-The Empress reversed

This card represents nurturing and creativity, and in the reversed position can indicate dependence on others and creative block. Caring and creativity are beautiful and rewarding, but when too much is taken on all that love can feel heavy. Part of caring is sharing, and depending on others for help can have hidden benefits. Giving yourself the space to recharge your creative and loving energy will have the fountains of bounty flowing again in no time!

Today, I needed a reminder to breathe a few times before reacting. Parenting can feel like an endless, fruitless task when you allow yourself to forget the fun parts. I was at a loss for fun and creative parenting after finding a human turd on the desk chair and experimental waterplay being done with the litterbox, the pantry door discreetly closed to hide the activity. A voice in my head told me to tap Daddy in before I snapped. I took a Mama Time-Out, basking in the knowledge than I can rely on my partner when I need to gain headspace in times of frustration as a parent, and this was the key to unlocking the creative block I’d been feeling all day. A few tears helped clean it all out too!

Toddlers are challenging, and life can be as well. To remember your priorities and regain your balance, sometimes it can help to wash your face, sit down, and breathe. You are somebody’s source of beauty and love!



Card of the Day: July 9, 2015

Today’s Card is The Hanged Man!

the hanged man

XII-The Hanged Man

This card represents voluntary suspension of the self in order to gain new perspective. Each of us can be so set in our ways that it is hard to find common ground. There comes a time when it’s worthwhile to get off the ground completely for a while, to try something different. New answers are provided when you examine a problem or situation from a different angle. It’s time to let go of attitudes and perspectives that are holding you back. A little playful rearranging of the mind is a good thing!

I am generally super easygoing, but there are some hard control-freak tendencies underlying. It’s a conscious task to work through my urges to pick at and rearrange, and sometimes it even seeps out in the form of resentment and passive-aggression. Trying so hard to rewire automatic tendencies is as silly as hanging upside down from a tree! It’s true that opening the mind is necessary to form new perspectives, but maybe a total physical upheaval is the only thing that will truly shake up those responses for the better.

Get out of the house and do something new today!



Card of the Day: July 8, 2015

Today’s Card is the Ace of Pentacles!

ace of pentacles

Ace of Pentacles

This card represents prosperity and unexpected gifts of help. Sometimes life can feel like a big hedge-maze. You never stop, and are constantly working towards finding an exit and freedom from what’s holding you back. Keep going — you’re almost there. Keep your eyes open, for a new opportunity is waiting to be presented. Whether it manifests as material or emotional wealth is yet to be seen. Either way, you are on your way to a place of stability and well-being.

Today was another day where, personally, I was feeling pretty darn blocked. This card was a welcome beacon — I was definitely expecting something less favourable! That goes to show that freedom from expectations is so important to a balanced perspective, and that alone may have been the gift of wealth this card brought to me today. I tried to visualize what was creating the maze that I felt I was in, focusing on the thorns of grumpiness and consciously snipping them. To divert myself I worked on some astrological charts, and practicing my passion always feels rewarding. I started to relax, remembered to breathe, and am feeling much better.

Keep turning corners today, even if it’s hard. Hard work will present you with the wealth you need to prosper!



Card of the Day: July 7, 2015

Today’s card is Justice!



This card is a reminder that life is about balance, truth, and facing reality. It’s easier to take the path of least resistance, but karma is always there to balance from beyond. Your heart knows what is right and fair, and only you hold the truths needed to judge your personal reality. Remembering and applying this in daily life and in interactions with others is rooted in perceptions of fairness. Only you can control your actions and reactions. These are what hold us in the world around, and what determine the next adventure on life’s journey. Maintaining balance and practicality gives you the strength of inner truth, and to wield the sword of Justice rather than be cut by it. You know what to do!

This card is yelling at me, as my textbooks call from the corner! It’s so much easier to ignore mundane realities, like homework and dishes, tidying and doing laundry. From a practical standpoint, these things don’t take that long and everything is nicer once they’re taken care of, but… I don’t wanna!! The reality is, it all has to be done sometime, and once it’s piled as high as the sky, the consequences are clear. It’s a fine balance between leisure and duty; one can’t be had without the other. Suck it up, buttercup! You know your truths!



Card of the Day: July 6, 2015

the magician reversed

The Magician reversed

Today’s card is The Magician reversed! This card represents great power and skill, as well as creative manifestation. All is at your disposal: the mindset, the skillset, the tools, and even the buds of results! However, in the reversed position, there are a few considerations to ensure continued sparkle. Proper planning is essential; overlooking important details is a real possibility when faced with abundant choices and opportunities, and mistakes and disappointments can build creative blocks. Recognizing the scope of your talents is also key, as undervaluing yourself as well as promoting underdeveloped abilities will lead to setbacks. Balancing expectations of yourself will help to avoid negative manipulation. Knowing what you can and can’t do prevents you trying to create impossibilities, others and their opinions from making you second-guess yourself, and finally from the excitement of new possibilities manipulating your life in the form of losing sight of other responsibilities.

This is a great time of gifts and opportunities. All is yours; believe in yourself and your abilities, your willpower is your strongest asset.

Today I spent a lot of time working out the kinks with watermarking software. I even decided to post without a picture because I was sure there was no way to do it, at least tonight! This was just one of many creative blocks for me today. It was hot and humid, I’m a little behind in my Masters coursework, and my 20-month-old daughter didn’t take a nap. But! We went to the Splash Pad in our town, which was lots of fun, and ate some really good food, and picked sweet little strawberries in our own garden. Not letting my computer issues affect the day was a conscious choice, although not an easy one, and much manipulating was done by all, but at the end of the day, my post is written, the babe is asleep, and it’s time to relax!

Update: once I was relaxing downstairs with my love, I was struck with the solution to the watermarking frustrations — and now we have a picture. Sometimes all it takes is a clear head!

Speaking of gifts and wonderfulness: it’s my braintwin and soulmate-of-a-best-friend’s birthday!! xoxoxjkskajsbffjkvjd!!!



Card of the Day: July 5, 2015

Today’s card is the King of Wands reversed!

king of wands reversed

King of Wands reversed

The King of Wands is the epitome of inspiration and passion, and represents the energy needed to achieve something huge arriving. However, in the reversed position this card indicates haste and high expectations; now is not the time to rush, for true greatness takes time and patience. Expecting too much of yourself or others will only prolong the task at hand. Your passions are coming to life! These things take time, so to avoid burning out, have faith in your abilities, don’t let the buggers get you down, and remember that slow and steady wins the race. It’s happening!

Today this card is telling me that I’m on the right track with the launch of the Tantramar Tarotscopes venture. My dreams are becoming reality, and the King of Wands reversed is here to remind me to balance. It’s tempting to stay on the phone and computer all day checking for new traffic, but I have other responsibilities that need my attention too. Working at what I love a little at a time while also remembering to balance in schoolwork and home life will bring me everything I’ve envisioned. Here on the Tantramar Marsh, the elements agree: we had a surprise thunderstorm in the middle of a sunny day! The King of Wands has a way of making his presence known!