Tea Leaf Reading: Drawing in Abundance in 2019

Yesterday I felt inspired to do a universal tea leaf reading, intended to help everyone who sees this make the most of the much-more-positive energy 2019 brings. I chose my Anne of Green Gables teacup (one of my personal goals is to do a lot of writing and Inner Child dreaming this year), and I used organic Mint tea for its strength in money/finance readings (the green Mint plant grows rapidly once it starts). The Ascended Masters Oracle brings a loving, prosperous energy to the reading <3<3<3

As the tea steeped, I drew two cards from the Ascended Masters Oracle. The first card represents what your main focus should be moving into 2019, and the second represents your best advice for integrating the messages in this reading <3<3<3

Main Focus for 2019: Osiris | Father, Husband, Brother, Son

Indeed, myself and many other readers have been speaking about the need to reintegrate Divine Masculine energy into the way we think about things — 2018 was a year of finding balance, which is not possible without understanding both the masculine as well as the feminine sides of ourselves and our situations. This doesn’t have to literally mean men — rather masculine energy, although re-evalutaing the way we perceive and interact with very real masculine presences needs to shift as well. Hate and counter-attack achieve nothing and are hyper-regressive, but I digress. What I mean by Masculine Energy is the energy of structure, of stability, of maintaining control, of logical, real-world thinking and planning. It’s true that we all took a very necessary trip into feminine energy this Year of Retrogrades, needing to fall back on our Inner Worlds, our spirituality, our emotional comforts, our creativity and urge to nurture and tend. Awesome job in listening to that need and fulfilling those desires — now it’s time to take what you learned and put it into action, taking the tack of not letting anything stop you from bringing forth your goals, giving them life, making them real <3<3<3

Best Advice for Integration: Oshun | Drink More Water

I love that Osiris’s masculine power is balanced with an equally strong Divine Feminine energy — reminding you not to lose sight of the spiritual and self-care practices that sustained you this past year, that kept you feeling nourished and flowing as much as possible. I feel like I’ve been giving this specific advice all year too — drink more water! Always good advice, but especially in these times of massive societal change — it is draining not only emotionally to process all that we’re working to right in this severely challenged world, but physically as well. Picture the way you tense up, sweat, cry when you feel affected by the weight of all you seek to change — you empty yourself, and your causes need you filled!! I’ve been dancing around the idea of setting several water-timers on my phone to remind myself to drink up. You need fluidity to shoulder all the responsibilities this year will present you, in favour of giving structure to your dreams! <3<3<3

Powerful cards!! And it’s amazing to see the way they are reflected in the tea leaves:

Immediately upon flipping the teacup, I noticed this little Capricorn mer-goat! An amazing reiteration of the combination of masculine and feminine energy in the oracle cards, and ultra-relevant as Capricorn season is coming up, and is the season that brings us into the New Year. Capricorn, in spite of its career/public standing-oriented energy, is a Feminine sign, and its symbol is the persevering Mountain Goat, combined with the depth allowed by its mermaid tail. Should the Goat somehow be knocked off the mountain, it will swim back to the base to restart the climb! A large part of your success in 2019 will be perseverance, committing to the task at hand and knowing that your dedication to what you’ve started makes you forever unstoppable.

The next thing I saw was a woman with a headdress on (Oshun?!), with a clearly defined face and adorable old-timey shoe (<3<3<3!!!), carrying — no, floating!! — a large bundle in front of her. The way she’s walking with her foot flicked back makes her task look both speedy and effortless, indicating that this year your burdens are lessened greatly, all as a matter of perspective, alongside concrete implementation of your new ideas for personal efficiency. This lady is dressed for success, feeling light as a result of the appearance-related decisions she’s made to support her through what needs to be done! The same goes for you — treat every day like an important occasion, and so it will be <3<3 Another piece of advice I’m feeling from this is that naturally, after a difficult year, most of our spaces are probably in some degree of “disarray.” One of your first jobs, and one that can be taken on with zest knowing it will open up the portal to everything you want for yourself, is to get your space clear and feeling like somewhere you can breathe, where you can relax, where you can move around freely <3<3<3 Start chipping away at the piles, one bit at a time, and love the way each small, humble effort lightens your overall load <3<3<3

This was such an interesting feature in the cup — on the left it looks like a wolf, with an orange Rudolph-nose! I get a very masculine energy from him, that he was part of your intuitive instinct, “sniffing out” your creative direction in 2019 so you could make full use of your talents in 2019. I get the sense that a certain “Big Bad Wolf” in your life is either on the way out, or has revealed themselves to be not so bad after all — this person’s retreat or their recommitment to the future ensures protection against repeating of past awfulness. This whole image looks like a mountain, “King of the Castle” style, with several other figures — a head in profile with two feathers, a little monk guy holding his tiny hand up to a floating nirvana-esque cross-legged figure, indicating new heights to come re: spiritual progress. Next is what looks like someone on top of a sled getting ready to slide headfirst down the 2019-side of the mountain! Whee! You are absolutely protected this year, guided by all the support that was drawn in out of intense necessity this past year — but now you know exactly who and what is on your side, and can move forward with utter confidence in the team you have chosen <3<3

I couldn’t stop noticing this little feature — the line of dots reminds me of the new way I’ve been setting out my crystals, sometimes just in a straight line! The bright green one on the bottom reminds me of my favourite serpentine, the stone of opening up new energetic channels, connecting with your magic, as well as past life integration <3<3<3 I love that the column of crystals is pointing directly at a clearly-defined leaf — this is the year you break away from the original “tree,” seeing where the wind takes you! <3<3

As a last tidbit, the Shadow and Higher Self cards <3<3 Like the Wolf in the teacup, 2018 taught you to listen, to wait, to watch, to learn from the darkness and come to trust your natural instincts more deeply and truly than ever before. 2019 finds you letting go, giving yourself over calmly to your destiny — at this point it feels like there’s no other choice, and you are so happy about it <3<3 Quan Yin adds extra depth to the overall message of this reading, the combining and integrating of masculine and feminine energy: a deeply spiritual person, they lived their human lifetime as a man, and when given the option to ascend to heaven, they chose instead to return to Earth as a woman, thus finally being able to understand the entirety of human experience <3<3 2019 asks us to feel so grounded and secure in our own person that we do not feel threatened by the choices and differences we see in others — 2019 is the year we start to come together, to fill in the gaps, to release the past and welcome in a fiercely loving future ❤

Deck Used:

Ascended Masters Oracle Cards. Doreen Virtue. Various artists. Carlsbad, CA: Hay House, Inc., 2007. (Out of Print).

New Moon in Scorpio Circle for Release Recap

Tonight is our New Moon in Sagittarius Circle for Release, so what better time to recap the amazing time we had at our New Moon in Scorpio Circle for Release!

We began the evening with a poem, “Prophesy” by Naima Penniman, followed by pulling tarot cards from the Mary-el Tarot, a very dark but very appropriate-to-Scorpio-vibes tarot deck! We also took turns doing bone-castings using the set of Witchdoctor Bones my parents brought back from South Africa. It was amazing to see how different each person’s bones fell, and how relevant the readings felt to their current circumstances!

One participant had two cards come out together, and we were all thrilled by the juxtaposition of two numerological “4s” alongside how similar the card imagery was to the jewelry she wore!! <3<3<3

Life mirroring art

Following the readings, we read another poem, “The Cusp of Wane and Wax” by Susa Silvermarie, following which we performed the meditation included with the New Moon Release Crystal Kits we used together. 

Next, we did a 20-minute journaling meditation, based on the proprioceptive writing technique I learned in the Intermediate level of the Writing to Heal the Soul course I took during my Master’s. We free-wrote about what we were ready to release for Good after lighting a candle and while listening to Bach cello music <3<3<3

After the writing exercise it was time to send our intentions off to the Universe! We burned our papers in the special Moon Group Circle of Sloths <3<3<3 It’s always incredible to see the different characters of each person’s paper-burning! We always watch for smoke patterns, colours and shapes in the fire, and what the ash looks like as it crisps and curls <3<3<3

And there you have it! Tonight id our New Moon in Sagittarius Circle for Release, and our next event at Blind Forest Books will be the Full Moon in Cancer Manifestation Circle on December 17th at 7:30 pm <3<3<3<3

Admitting When You’re Wrong: What Tarot Is, and What It Isn’t <3<3

I’ve recently had a very humbling experience as a professional tarot reader, one that challenged my beliefs but also reunited me with my core integrity and refreshed my understanding of how exactly tarot works — what it does, what it does not do, with a very clear picture of “where” the information provided in a tarot reading comes from.

This experience has inspired me to lay out for you my original/newfound understanding, presented in the form of a three-card tarot reading. Whenever I feel unsure of myself, tarot is always there to get me back on track; this is partly of tarot DOES do.

I can hear you asking “so, what happened?!?” This will be a drawn-out story, which I’ll begin by sharing the only other time someone has told me a reading was outright “wrong:” it was a $5 One-Card Etsy reading, with a long, detailed question and the astrological information for the person being read for and their partner. I truly care about all of my clients, and so against my better judgment, I actually did a big synastry report out of curiosity, drew the one card, and gave her the advice. I knew sending it it wouldn’t be what she wanted to hear, but I felt it was for her highest good; she sent me a scathing review saying I don’t know anything, I’m the worst, I didn’t answer her question, etc etc. I handled it well knowing I answered her question to the best of my ability, and took it as confirmation to listen to my intuition when I know I’m going out of my way/above and beyond.

That brings me to my current situation, which has one similarity to the previous “wrong” advice. Like the other time, this client wanted to know what another person was thinking. They wanted to know what another person had done, what their motivations were, and it began to spiral into wanting to know additonal, further removed individual’s parts in the situation. From the very beginning I tried to assert that Third Party readings are a big no-no; my original pamphlet actually said this:

…I should probably add that part back in…

Truly, tarot is NOT for reading minds. It may seem like it reads yours because it presents to you exactly what is going on with you, but that it is because it IS a reading of the energy presently surrounding *you,* and is a perfect tool for accessing and understanding your own Higher Self.

The “Higher Self” is a fancy word for your intuition, and you can picture it as the ultimate version of you, hanging out above your head, relaxed, with full knowledge of everything that has ever happened to you across lifetimes, a complete and total understanding of your present situation, and a real eye on the future and the direction things are headed. When you come for a reading, our Higher Selves intermingle and the best way to communicate what your cards read is filtered through to me, resulting in the advice I provide. In the same way, when you read for yourself, the images you see in the cards triggers something in your Higher Self and the connection is made between the imagery and your own reality as your minds bends around what you’re seeing and what you already know to be true.

Here is where I will split the tarot deck, asking for the “surface” answer to “what is tarot for?”

Tarot is for grounding yourself in your purpose and finding new ways to think about your life <3<3

The card on the bottom of the deck initially was the 9 of Pentacles, which is so aligned with what I understand tarot to be FOR — for grounding yourself in your achievements, for finding ways to feel proud of all you have earned, and to illuminate where your loyalties are, from a place of healthy self-centeredness. The cut card, which I always take meaning from, is the Ace of Swords — indeed, tarot is meant to show you a fresh way of thinking, to help you look at things in a different way, that allows you to “stab forth” and continue to make your way through life’s wilderness <3<3<3

Ironically, the 9 of Pents was a real “stalker” in that Third Party reading situation — a constant beacon that the client needed to come back “home” to herself, to take back her power, to consider her own needs instead of so completely giving away any shred of agency she otherwise had.

So, what is tarot NOT? 4 of Cups: it’s not going to “give you the answers,” per se — it lays out your options, it shows you what’s true for *you*, and asks you to do the work to lift your head up and see your own reality with new eyes. It asks you to get up from your slump, to see what’s disappointed you, and to choose to take action towards what will fulfill you instead <3<3<3<3

What IS tarot? Page of Wands. A way to re-inspire yourself, to reignite your spark, to remind you that you are your own magic wand! Aligned with that Ace of Swords cut card, it’s a way to find your fire and blast you out of the desert, getting your creativity flowing again and showing you much more there is to learn about yourself and your passions — tarot reminds you that you are a student of Life, and the lessons never cease — the zest you bring to your studies determines how the road goes <3<3<3<3

My best advice for relaying what tarot is and what it is not? III – The Empress. How lovely <3<3<3 Tarot is a beautiful way to find comfort in your reality, to “mother yourself” with some super-deep advice, to connect with your own inner nature and learn more about how to ground yourself within your personal flow. Tarot is a way to identify what and how you love, and is an incredible way to observe and track personal growth.

The Shadow and Higher Self cards are rather tongue-in-cheek; obviously the situation that launched this post was about a relationship reading, and truly, Love is the main topic that people want readings on <3<3<3 How can you read on love if Third Party readings are a no-no? Well, you can read on how to be a better partner yourself, you can read on what would be the ideal relationship for you, you can read on what you can know about how a relationship is affecting you personally… and so on and so forth, as long as you keep the questions centred on you, keep the ball in your own court, and keep your highest intention for the reading being to find out what your dreams for yourself are and how you can make them come true <3<3<3

Above all, that is absolutely what tarot is for: to show you what is working in your life, what is not, and how to make adjustments in order to stay on-track. All summer those readings advised maintaining life outside of that Third Party situation, of maintaining personal integrity, that forgiveness was key to moving forward one way or another… it can be so hard to hear that sort of thing when you truly believe that knowing “the Truth” is all that will set you free… but another’s Truth is not yours to know unless they tell you. You can only know yours, and that is exactly what tarot CAN do <3<3

I had to swallow my pride and admit that I was wrong in this situation — not that I had read the cards wrong, no indeed, as I maintain my trust that what the cards say is 100% representative of hat can be known about the overall situation in the moment. The reason they didn’t reveal “the truth” was because that was not information we were privy to, where that Third Person was not aware of the reading or of the attempt on their psychic privacy. I was wrong to lead my client to believe that was possible; I’m a Pisces who wishes I could just make everyone feel better, and this situation taught me that even the best intentions can do more harm than good. Now I know to firmly maintain my stance on keeping the spotlight on my client alone, remembering that my job is to help them find, regain, and maintain their personal power, all while treating tarot and that precious Higher Self connection with utmost respect.

Deck used:

The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck. Illustrated by Pamela Coleman Smith. Stamford, CT: U.S. Games Systems, Inc. 1999 edition.

Full Moon in Taurus Manifestation Circle Recap

On October 22, we had our very first Full Moon Manifestation Circle at Blind Forest Books <3<3 It was an amazing and powerful experience for everyone who attended!! I’m getting so excited for the Full Moon in Gemini Manifestation Circle this coming Monday, November 19, that I wanted to relive the last one and share it with you all <3<3<3

Abundant grapes growing naturally in my backyard the day of the Full Moon Manifestation Circle <3<3<3

Our Full Moon Manifestation Circles are gatherings of like-minded individuals who come together to share hopes, wishes, dreams, and goals, looking forward at the month ahead and touching on the astrological currents to come. The Full Moon in Taurus occurred at 0 degrees, opening infinite potential in the area of personal comfort, abundance, luxury, and major self-care <3<3<3 Together we used Blind Forest’s popular Full Moon Manifestation Kits, and I am thrilled to be noticing what I manifested really coming together! One of my main goals was taking better care of myself through eating in the morning/eating more healthily and consciously, and I feel so much more energized having taken the initiative to fulfill that goal.

The idea for these groups was a totally random blessing, delivered as an idea from an individual who thought putting something like this together would suit me — wowee!! Ever since life has felt that much more magical, as though the full commitment to understanding and moving with the Moon has allowed even more cool things to shift <3<3 An example of the lovely synchronicities that are happening all the time: the morning of the Moon group, the deck I’d gifted myself for my tarot business’ 3-year anniversary this month arrived the day of the Manifestation Circle, and inside was a picture of the Full Moon against a mauvey sky — almost identical to a picture I took of the Moon earlier that evening!

Mauvey Moon
Mauvey Moon in Magical Dogs box, feat. Ra the Sun God

It was such an incredible feeling coming in to the store the day after this event, fondly coming upon the aftermath of all the excitement — the Manifestation ritual involves writing wishes on bay leaves and burning them <3<3<3 Positively exhilarating! We had a particularly powerful moment where one of the tissue paper placemats caught fire (learn as you go hahaha), much to everyone’s delight! It burned up quickly and spectacularly with no need for the fire extinguisher <3<3<3

Morning=after Love <3<3<3

Even better, each participant got a Taurus-themed swag bag!! I had so much fun putting them together. The swag bags included Taurus Crystal Kits, Green Aventurine necklaces, caramels, and tea n’ cakes-themed stickers <3<3

Prepping the swag bags!

If you’re interested in attending our next Full Moon Manifestation Circle,  it’s this coming Monday, November 19, from 7:30 to 9:30 pm <3<3 Drop in, call, or message to reserve your spot! 

Tea Leaf Reading: How to Get Unstuck?

This post is the first in a series demonstrating how a tea leaf reading with me works — the thought that goes into tea and deck selection, and the types of messages that can be gained from the symbols found in the tea leaves.

This reading was done with Mint Chocolate Orange Pekoe tea, a black tea with a little extra “oomph” added. Black tea is great for general readings, while Mint tea is perfect for readings on wealth and abundance and rich flavours like Chocolate add luxuriousness, and send the message to your Higher Self that you are ready to indulge and satisfy your own needs. How perfect for this reading, meant to identify any blocks to the flow of abundance and creativity; I selected the Nature-Speak Oracle for its powerful, grounding messages and inspiring imagery, perfect for reconnecting with the flow of life and finding ways to keep growing.

As the tea steeped, we looked at the cards — zap, a little slap!! From these cards we learn that the main reason for this sense of stuckness and creative block is actually related to something emotional — before further progress can be made, there is a need to quite literally “balance the emotions.” The Advice card confirms that there will be no “New growth” until emotional needs are met and the “Inner Air” is purified, allowing those creative fires to start producing again. At least commitment to better health was already indicated in choosing a chocolatey tea, right…? Lol!

And so, let’s look into the tea cup for Advice on how to balance those emotions and promote new growth…

It almost looks like a tea party right in the cup! On the left we have a long-necked goose-looking figure, in the middle a big hulking figure that reminds me of the Beast from Beauty and the Beast, sitting cross-legged and looking at the figure on the right, who looks like some sort of hermit-dragon.

Looking closer at the goose, we see that it is looking forward, towards the future. It has an optimistic stance, and it is plump and healthy-looking. It does have a very thin neck so it may be fearful of “putting itself out there” with something that it has created and nurtured tenderly and with all its heart — geese are known to be very loyal, and excellent, nurturing parents. It looks like the goose has a unicorn horn or a little pointed hat on; either way, this creative effort is touched with magic, and the person can know that they are truly blessed to begin and will be supported throughout the endeavour.

Next we see that hulking beast! His yogic position hints at the Beast’s true temperament — looks can be deceiving, and as we know, the Beast has a heart of gold. It could be that the project you feel so blocked about, that you’re feeling so emotionally invested in to the point of being paralyzed re: progress, would be completely transformed with a simple vow of personal dedication; simply “sitting” with the project, expecting nothing from it but to coexist for a while, will lead to beautiful and unexpected changes. The Beast looks so eager, one arm propped jauntily on one crossed leg, turned in profile to look at the third figure, the hermit-dragon.

Looking at it up close I wonder why I’m so attached to calling this a dragon, but I do find it interesting as Mint tea loves to read on abundance and areas where growth is ready to happen. That I found it to look like a Hermit is also interesting, directly aligning it with the Beast — they are actually looking each other directly in the eyes — they are conversing about the project, thinking on ways to bring it out of the Shadows. But not just yet, there needs to be more time to focus, to seek love for the Self, to connect with the Inner Fire, to meditate, ground, and recenter.

Turning the cup over, the image changes: here we see what looks like an Easter Island head on spider-legs like the baby-head in Toy Story scuttling out the left-hand side of the cup; it’s time to let go of the ideas that were good in theory, but are aren’t necessarily the direction you’re thinking in anymore. The middle figure become a witch-like figure wearing a headwrap, head same size as body, wearing a dress and holding her finger to her chin in contemplation; she is looking forward to the future, and the tip of her nose is being licked by a shaggy dog with a long giraffe neck and similarly miniature body. We have two guides present in this cup, the Hermit and the Witch; this would be a good time to seek advice from people who have succeeded in your field, who could bring fresh ideas and energy to the project. The licking dog reminds to have fun with the process, expect the unexpected, but know that all of what’s coming to you now is from a place of love and support — you may have to crane your neck to maintain a balanced perspective on things, but trust and loyalty are on your side.

Flipping the cup again, it looks like the vice from a big construction vehicle! Push through this period of stalling, knowing it is a matter of re-centering, then powering up to scoop. scoop, scoop more of what you know empowers you so much! It’s reaching for something out the North-West side of the Cup, indicating that you’re poised to manifest something directly related to your natural gifts, your personal “super power.”On the right it looks like there’s gleeful fox-face getting ready to eat a fly or butterfly — you’re ready to look for ideas that pique your interest, ingest them, and get even more excited as a result! Butterflies in your stomach, here you come!

A final turn, and we see a much larger dragon head, its body curved down to look at a cawing crow with a unicorn horn, symbolic of a magical connection with the Otherworld being established — listen closely to “signs” like numbers, animals, and other patterns, as these are the ways spirit guides communicate. In the background we see a second little hooded Hermit, almost Santa-Clause like, retreating with a hobo-pack on a pole, much like the Fool’s bag on the tarot card. The large, contemplative dragon symbolizes not fearing your passion-ideas, trusting them to age well and to longevity. The retreating Hermit represents the gift of allowing yourself to “come and go as you please” where it comes to utilizing creative energy — this type of thing can’t be forced, and when it is, it’s only to your own emotional detriment. One way or another you always have everything you need <3<3

Our main symbols in this tea cup were dragons and hermits, with dogs/foxes/animals and birds a close third and fourth. It’s time to trust your passion, and to know that it’s actually okay to “pull back” sometimes — these periods of self-care are necessary, and even though it sucks when they manifest in the form of creative black, that’s a sure sign that you need a personal time out to regain your balance in favour of proceeding when you’re feeling stronger. Your loyalties have been established and you know where your support system lies, and so it’s a great time to just relax and receive — in fact, the inspiration you seek is on its way and will soon be noticed <3<3<3

Deck used:

The Nature-Speak Oracle. Ted Andrews. Jackson, TN: Dragonhawk Publishing, 2006.


Wow, it’s 11:11! Not only is November (11th month) the 11th an powerful day vibrationally, this is also an 11 YEAR (2+0+1+8=11), making today an especially potent day for manifesting and furthering your personal goals. Make a wish! <3<3<3<3

It’s been a while since I shared a follow-through reading, and today felt like the perfect time to dive back in! For today’s reading, drawn from Oracle of the Mermaids, Angel Tarot Cards, and Tarot of Mermaids, I intended to receive the most relevant message for everyone who sees this to make use of this important energetic gateway <3<3<3<3

1111 reading card backs

To begin, let’s look at the Shadow Cards, the cards at the bottom of the deck after shuffling — these indicate the energy that brings you to the reading:

1111 reading shadow cards

Shadow Cards: 34. Yemaya reversed + 9 of Water + 2 of Wands

Yes, an important realization recently has been that you’re ready to “break away from tradition.” You’ve allowed yourself to realize that things don’t have to be the same for you as they are for other people, as they were for your parents especially — this is a new day and age, and things need to change. Difference is fine, it’s when comparison sneaks in that problems arise! Truly, you know what you want for yourself, and it’s okay if that doesn’t match up with what other people think would be best for you. You are exactly where you need to be in the process of creating your glowing future — everything is changing societally, including definitions of what it means to be a “success,” and all that matters right now is that you know you are needed here, now, and as you are <3<3<3

1111 reading main cards

Oracle Cards: 5. Song of the Siren + 1 – The Magician

Indeed, you are ready to sing your heart’s song!! Your struggles have empowered you and find you so deeply connected with your own spirit — as a result, your innate gifts are bubbling up and are now ready to be shared. This self-expression will not only feel deeply healing for you and your soul, it will also facilitate healing in others — you have such important perspective on all that you’ve come through, and you are now in a position to make use of your emotional toolbox in a very real, very tangible, very creative/artistic way. you’re really making it through the midpoint now, and the road ahead is bright — things are different here in that now you actually have what you need, and you are thrilled to be able to start making further use of what you’ve gathered <3<3

Main Cards

Where to Focus: Page of Swords

Over the past month or so, almost every reading, client and personal, contained the Page of Swords reversed, indicating that we were only hesitating about moving forward because we sensed the time wasn’t right. Well, the time has come, and it’s time to get curious! Keep learning, keep growing, keep exploring all the new lines of thought you’ve been uncovering and being inspired by <3<3 Winter is knocking and with it comes the natural time to go within, to embrace the Inner World, and to keep it fun and sparkling with fresh mental pursuits and stimulations. You’re getting excited just reading this as you know exactly what you’ve picked up recently that you can;t wait to dive deeper into — you sense that this will become a much larger pinpoint in the overall picture <3<3<3

What to Release: King of Pentacles

Truly, it’s time to release outdated ideas of what it means to be “stable,” to be secure, and as mentioned above, to be a “success.” Clutching rigidly to concepts that aren’t even relevant to our current reality only sets us back further — it’s time to carve out your own definitions, to tell yourself what makes you feel like you are whole and healthy and provided for and let that be enough. Easier said than done when well-meaning people who have already established themselves offer advice from that place of stability, as it can feel cruel to feel so unseen in your pit of much-less-than. These are the moments to count your blessings and keep dreaming — not in line with what anyone tells you you deserve or can do, but in line with what you actually want, with what you know you can do, from day to day, moment to moment, and allow yourself to start from there <3<3<3 No should’ves, would’ves, could’ves — remember: you are exactly where you need to be!

Energy to Increase: King of Wands

I had to laugh seeing this one after the King of Pents as the release card — yes, this is a time to listen to your passion, because it’s on fire! You’re fully feeling the “free spirit” thing, excited to continue the path the philosophies you’ve been studying and integrating have found you on. This is such a cool creative moment where you’re feeling led by your Higher Self, aware that everything happening is part of something much larger — you are fully in control of your creative direction at the moment, and your energy levels are rising up to meet your ambitions. Keep getting excited and go go go! Allow yourself to break free from what’s been done before, slam the door on the past, and push forward — there is so much more cool excitement and deeper spiritual revelations to be had <3<3<3

Best Advice: Ace of Wands

Yes, take up your “wand!” You are creating magic in you life, as a direct result of commiting to going with the flow. you came reeeally close to a total burnout moment, but you took control, you delegated responsibility, and now here you are — free to really run with a particular creative endeavour that you are so, so ready to keep going with <3<3<3 I love how the mermaid is literally “tits up” — it’s time to put yourself out there, share what inspires you so! It will involve making yourself a bit vulnerable, sure, but the connections that will result are so, so worth the effort it takes to strike the match <3<3<3

Now for the Higher Self Cards, the cards at the top of the deck after shuffling, which represent a message of hope moving forward <3<3<3

1111 reading higher self cards

Higher Self Cards: 23. Dreams + 10 – The Wheel + 6 of Swords

Keep dreaming <3<3<3 The seasons are not the only thing changing — look back over the past year! You are a much different person now, much stronger, and so, so ready for the further incubation that the coming Winter months have to offer. See this period as a time for seeking warmth, for surrounding yourself with comfort and soul-fuel, and this is the final phase of healing necessary for the exciting lurch forward that 2019 will bring. Keep charging, keep absorbing, hold yourself tight — a new dawn is coming and while it’s still a ways off, for you the healing has already begun — You Are Exactly Where You Need To Be <3<3<3<3

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Decks used:

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New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Cancer: July 12, 2018

Today is a New Moon, normally an excellent time for reflecting on what to release in favour of the goals you hope to achieve by the next Full Moon in two weeks’ time — but this one holds a different energy, combining with a powerful Solar Eclipse (and kicking off a three-month eclipse cycle). Eclipses are potent energetic portals that set the tone for the 6 months following, making today a huge opportunity to start laying new plans and patterns for how to find and maintain balance in your life, now and moving forward <3<3

This New Moon/Eclipse occurs in combination with the Sun and Moon opposing Pluto retrograde in Capricorn, emphasizing that move towards balance a hundredfold! We have the astral mother (Cancer) and father (Capricorn) facing off in order to join forces, most specifically to transform your home life and material situation. The choices made today (and tomorrow, while the energy is still fully charged) are effectively “cooking up” the recipes you’ll be filling yourself with for the next half-year. Make something good!

This reading is drawn from Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards, Creative Whack Pack, and the Cook’s Tarot. I laid out a crystal grid of a dolomite bear to bring in an energy of nurturing protection, a big raw carnelian for pure creative energy and emotional understanding, sunstone to bring in the sun’s energy of vitality and light, moonstone to bring in the moon’s energy of understanding cycles and personal patterns, a large magnesite to keep you thinking clearly and connectedly, aventurine to open your heart and welcome in abundance, serpentine for further understanding of your personal patterns and your relationship with the magic of life, and black onyx for deep grounding and protection of your personal energy.

To begin, we will look at the Shadow crads, the “entry point” for the reading:

Shadow Cards: Destiny + 13. Look to Nature + 3 of Pentacles

Yes, this New Moon/Solar Eclipse finds you very much “in touch” with where you know you want to be, secure in the knowledge that you’ve already been making the necessary connections to further your goals and support your truths. You’ve hit a point where things are feeling very organic, natural, even easy, although you know that this is no time to “drop the ball” now that your team is formed and everyone is in full action, working hard and building a bright and important legacy <3<3

Oracle Cards: Mysticism + 7. See the Big Picture

You’ve hit such a positive spiritual groove that “everything” is starting to make much more sense in a far bigger way than ever before! You’ve been so very dedicated to shifting out of your more regressive perspectives, focusing on thinking more selflessly and in a way that seeks to encompass realities both known and only imaginable. As a result, though, you know you’re hitting your stride, feeling yourself blossoming out of the darkness and coming closer and closer to the doorway that opens up onto full and soul-filling light! You’re fully committed to this rapidly expanding path, recognizing and embracing the potential to be found in the pure unknown.

Where to focus this New Moon: Knight of Pentacles

Indeed, part of that spiritual revelation was a new understanding of time, and a trust in timeframes beyond linear understanding! You have relaxed into the idea that “slow and steady wins the race,” in turn easing off the pressure to produce and instead grounding yourself in the full, hands-on feeling of doing work that you know is taking you places. You’re feeling it so fully that you’re not worried about when or how you’ll reach the finish line, because the ride is so enjoyable and fulfilling. You look forward to each new twist and turn and the cool learning experiences that come with each!

How to make the best use of the Solar Eclipse’s 6-month energetic portal: Knight of Swords reversed

The next 6 months will represent an opportunity to fully embody that easygoing “trust in time:” this will be a period where you learn to stop being as hasty, to really listen and think things through before dashing off in a new direction, as well as the true meaning of “teamwork” and thinking in ways that benefit the whole. You’re in a space where individual goals give way to collective ones, where instant results are recognized as somewhat shallow along and the lines of thinking needed to create longer-lasting scenarios are at the forefront of your mind. This Solar Eclipse breathes in the gift of productive hesitation, the “pregnant pause” that provides you the extra inspiration to think your ideas through a little longer, in favour of a more positive blends of communication and gentler, friendlier courses of action.

Higher Self Cards: Workaholic + 46. Avoid Arrogance + 8 of Wands

Rather quickly you’ll find yourself cascading into new depths of output, your plate filled with new tasks, even more opportunities, and stacks and stacks of fresh creative inspiration. You heard it here first: don’t let it go to your head! When things start to coast easily and effortlessly, that’s precisely when you need to re-dedicate yourself to the morals of teamwork, sharing, and compromise that got you here in the first place. In order for the matches to continue to strike, they need a clean, dry environment with just enough grip that they can find their grip — and that’s when the magic happens and the real party can begin!

This Solar Eclipse is all about finding balance, so be sure to think with both your structural “dad”-mind and your nurturing “mom”-mind and encouraging them to meet in the middle, laying the foundations to put even more collaborative work in and knowing that what you’ve been building is universally protected <3<3<3

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