July 4, 2018: Chiron Rx + Moon in Pisces sextile Pluto Rx in Capricorn

This reading is drawn from Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards, Cards of Wellbeing, and the Mary-el Tarot.

Brigit | Don’t back down + 22. Freedom | Constellation of the Swan

Chiron Rx: VI – The Lovers

Moon sextile Pluto: 7 of Cups Rx

Best Advice: 5 of Swords

Today will be the capstone of a seemingly recurring message surrounding how your most “unhealed wounds” affect your choices, your relationships, and at the deepest level, your self and your overall wellbeing ♡♡

The energy is ripe for finding ways to released from the overwhelm this type of emotional stirring causes through reflection on what has held you in these painful places and what has made you feel alone during these times, choosing now to find new perspective and face the future with clearer eyes ♡♡

This is a time to embrace minor conflicts in favour of seeking the wisdom to be found in what continues to agitate and unsettle you, leading you to truly find a way to pick up the right pieces and finally feel like you’re moving forward ♡♡

We’re deep in reteograde season, Chiron being the 6th to join the retrograde parade, following Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto — if it feels like you’re wading through the muddy middle, that’s exactly aligned with the astrological climate! Keep loving and learning from a place of compassion, slow down, and know that a positive shift is hurtling in ♡♡

Astro Forecast: June 18-24, 2018

I’m trying out something new this week, after doing some soul-searching surrounding how to breathe new life into my posts while staying true to what I set out to do with “all this!” Well, I’m feeling inspired to get back to the actual “tarotscope” element of things, and so I’m going to break down the week’s astrology in tarot-terms using the Major Arcana cards associated with the signs/planets and minor arcana cards to illustrate aspect patterns. Woohoo! Here we go!

astro june 18-24 moon ph

This week the Moon makes its way from the final degrees of Leo through to Scorpio, entering Virgo almost right away at 5:40 am ADT Monday, then moving through Libra on Wednesday and Thursday and settling into that Scorpio intensity on Friday afternoon. I’m loving the progression of these images, with the Moon represented by The High Priestess/Black Widow, spinning her web. This week we’re “spinning” indeed, starting out with a “full cart” in Leo/Strength’s image, but almost immediately realizing a brighter way to lighten the load with Virgo/The Hermit’s praying mantis holding only the sun <3<3 This way of thinking makes you feel free and fantastic with the lovely dancing Libra/Justice crane — hold on to that feeling as the realness of Scorpio/Death’s vulture comes to make use of what’s left after all this purging in favour of personal balance.

astro june 18-24 neptune rx

On Monday evening around 8:26 pm ADT, Neptune goes retrograde! Neptune is the planet of creativity, of spirituality, and also of illusions, represented by the Hanged Man in tarot. I love how well reversals represent retrograde planets — these ants were crawling around on the ceiling, but now they’ve hit the ground and are really ready to get to work with the ideas they’ve been driven to pursue! Neptune is going retrograde right in the middle of the sign of Pisces, represented by the Moon in tarot, the card of the subconscious mind, inner depths, and finding your way through the darkness <3<3

astro june 18-24 venus qn saturn rx

Tuesday starts off with some weirdness, as Venus forms a quincunx with Saturn around 7:54 am ADT. A quincunx is a situation requiring a work-around, where you’re thrown for a loop that can be righted through remembering your purpose in the situation it applies to. Between Venus, the planet of love and beauty, and Saturn, the planet of challenge and perseverance (which is currently retrograde), this indicates Tuesday being about assessing what feels like it’s been overturned/dumped out and figuring out a better way to breathe new life into it. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater — this is a time for refilling with warm and adding fresh bubbles! Call on your nurturing Venus/Empress side by using your unrelenting passion to make your “World”(Saturn, see what I did there!) feel a bit less reversed 😉

astro june 18-24 mercury trine jupiter rx

Tuesday afternoon finds Mercury trine Jupiter retrograde around 4:42 pm. Yay! This will be the strike of inspiration that makes the morning’s events feel a bit easier, reminding you of the Mercury/Magician skills and resources you have to work with specifically as they apply to the way you’re processing change and interpreting your own personal “fortune.” Have fun with this, play with new ideas, keeping in mind that “the Wheel”/Jupiter is always turning. Moments of enjoyment are fleeting, but so are moments of distress — take the good with the bad, and keep jumping at new possibilities!

astro june 18-24 wx cr

On Wednesday we have the First Quarter Moon, exact at 7:51 am ADT, a “square” aspect between the Sun and Moon. A square is an energy of conflict requiring resolution, and I chose the 5 of Wands to represent this energy. How interesting to think of the First Quarter as a square, because it’s the time of month where you’re ready to make use of what you’ve started after the New Moon, figuring out how to “make it work” in order to have your vision fully realized at the Full Moon. This First Quarter involves the Sun in the last degrees of Gemini, represented by the Lovers, and the Moon in Virgo (The Hermit). The challenge, according to these cards, will be finding ways to balance your choices — and your personal relationships! — with your need for space to tend and nurture both your health and your life-philosophy. Oops, I put the actual Moon here instead of the High Priestess! But really, this First Quarter will be about finding ways to remain open and receptive to what you’ve “chosen to catch.”

astro june 18-24 mercury trine neptune rx

On Thursday, Mercury/The Magician is back in trine-mode, this time with Neptune retrograde! Here you find yourself really inspired to start working on a creative project, having received the friendly confirmation that you’ll be supported in this pursuit. You’re ready to make a change for yourself, and this aspect comes with the precise creative vision needs to get things off the ground <3<3 Interestingly, this one occurs at 12:58 am ADT, so if you’re a night-owl you may even consciously be struck with this one as you go about your nightly puttering. Otherwise, you may wake up Thursday morning having had an incredible dream that throws you into action!

astro june 18-24 sun in cancer

Also on Thursday (7:07 am ADT), the Sun moves into Cancer, the sign of home, of nurturing, of deep emotion — I actually chose this deck this week because I love its Chariot, the card associated with Cancer. A lovely orca, reminding me of a happy Free Willy on his way home! Indeed, the Sun in Cancer represents reconnecting with your personal definition of “home,” of following your intuition and your emotional patterns towards finding what truly makes you feel comfortable, loved, and safe. If you’ve found it, bask in it! If you’re still searching, let your heart and your recurring thoughts be your unquestioned guide <3<3

astro june 18-24 venus opp mars

Um, good thing we’ll be all heart-connected at this point, because Thursday afternoon throws us a little balancing act! Around 1:54 pm, Venus forms an opposition with Mars, represented by the Empress and the Tower, respectively. Here we find the need to “meet in the middle” in the realm of love and the realm of passion, of drive, perhaps of anger. This will be an instance where your sense of what is “good” or “nice” will be countered with something shocking, requiring quick thinking to find a way to understand both sides. This will allow a rocking, see-saw effect, allowing a gentle re-centering instead of the butt-hurting clang that would come if one side just jumped ship! Stay in it and you’ll win it <3<3 Look for the hidden gifts here, a clever eye and an open heart will always help.

astro june 18-24 sun sextile uranus

On Friday you’re “rewarded” for how you’ve been handling things all week, as the Sun forms a sextile with Uranus, the planet of the Unexpected, of Shocking Change, of Rebellion from the ways of the past. Hoo-ee! Sextiles represent opportunities, a coming together of positive circumstances, and so I’ve chosen the 4 of Wands to represent that energy. With the Sun’s energy of happiness and vitality, this aspect should represent a massively positive breakthrough! Because Uranus is a bit of a roundabouter, if whatever happens on Friday doesn’t feel great right away, know that it was surely a space-clearer to make room for something truly, truly beneficial to rush in.

astro june 18-24 mercury opp pluto rx

Saturday begins with another opposition (6:26 am ADT), this time between Mercury and Pluto retrograde, the planet represented by the Judgment card. I’m really seeing this as bringing in the theme of the “cart” from the beginning of the week: at the end of the week you’ve accepted what’s tipped, what has been dumped out for quite an obvious reason, and you’re really ready to start thinking towards a workable solution. You’re ready to start juggling with what’s left, and to truly make some magic!

astro june 18-24 sun sq chiron

This week’s “last act” is another square, this time a point of challenge between the Sun (your personal happiness) and Chiron, the asteroid of the “unhealable wound,” of past traumas that over time make us stronger and connect us with our own spirituality and healing ability (6:39 pm). I’ve represented Chiron here as a blend of The Hierophant and Temperance, looking particularly lovely as a polar bear with Northern lights and a flamingo with a rainbow! This challenge will feel like things were going great and then someone comes along and pokes you right in the eye — what the heck?! Argh!! — only to find that they were just trying to get an eyelash for you (weird, I can do that myself, but okay thanks). When something rubs you the wrong way today, ask yourself if there’s a way to get to the bottom of the sentiments involved — you and everyone involved will come through stronger, healthier, and with much better perspective <3<3

Deck used:

Animal Totem Tarot. Leeza Robertson and Eugene Smith. Llewellyn, 2016.


Week Ahead: June 18-24, 2018

This week’s reading is drawn from Connected and Free: The Alchemist’s Oracle, the Magic of Flowers Oracle, and the Animal Wisdom Tarot. I’ve been using lots of plant/animal decks lately, because the idea of “grounding” is always on my mind: we recently came through a particularly intense Grand Water Trine, and looking at the upcoming astrological events of the summer, it’s not due to settle down for a good long while — what a great opportunity to find ways to soothe and stabilize yourself! This is a great time for exploring new possibilities, for accepting the need for a change-up, and for finding ways to make the most of whatever the astro-weather decides to throw at you ❤

I’m trying out something new with the Astro-Forecast, keep an eye out for another post!

week ahead june 18-24 backs

For this reading, I laid out a crystal grid of a large amethyst cluster for calming of your personal anxiety and strengthening of the connection with your Higher Self, ruby zoisite for recognizing and finding ways to celebrate and make positive use of your personal uniqueness, amegreen for uniting your higher consciousness and your heart, and amazonite for finding balance between your masculine and feminine dualities in such a way that you find it easier to communicate your ideas authentically and effectively.

To begin, let’s look at the Shadow cards, indicating the “entry-point” to the week ahead:

week ahead june 18-24 sh

Shadow Cards: Healing + Bleeding Heart | Heal the Heart + Vulture | 10 of Feathers/Swords

Beautiful <3<3 I love when the key words on the cards actually “spell out” the message! This is a week full of opportunities to better understand and really start to heal what’s been hurting you and draining your emotional energy. Moreso than before, where you identified the necessary release and began the healing process — you’re now entering a space where the hands-on, active part of taking on healthier new patterns finds form.

week ahead june 18-24 main

Oracle Cards: Confirmation + Water Lily | Transmute

Yes, change is underway, and you are “transforming” as a result of feeling confirmed in your chosen path — you’re finding the love you need to get you through, and it is allowing you to blossom through the murky mud and silty waters, breaking through and finally feeling the warmth of fresh and limitless possibility warming your face. You are radiant as you glide your way into new levels of connection with your own personal experience <3<3

Focus for the Week: Dolphin | 2 of Shells/Cups

Indeed, you are feeling loved, whether it’s by another person, from an inner place of self-contentment, or even the amount of pleasurable fun you’re having with the way your life has begun to flow! You’re open to being playful and creative, having found a cool emotional balance that lets you know that there’s no such thing as jumping too high, or laughing too loud. At this point in time you are proud of your reflection, and this feeling will be something to hold on to as an emotional boost moving forward!

Release: Firefly | 4 of Branches/Wands

Part of your current contentment lies in other recent “releases,” namely letting go of your expectation surrounding what happiness is “supposed to look like.” We can imagine all the structures in the world that seem like they would make us happy, but at the end of the day, it’s the energy brought in to those structures that provides the real loving warmth, the invigorating light, the happy returns that keep you pushing for the best <3<3

Energy to Increase: Lynx | 9 of Branches/Wands

This has been a reoccurring theme in readings lately: needing to set better energetic boundaries. Cleverly looking back over past successes and failures after a period of rapid change, you’re able to see the practices that got you here as well as the ones that probably didn’t help much along the way; now is the time to give yourself the healthy gift of promising yourself not to lay those self-made traps again, instead focusing on doing more of what you know protects your personal energy and keeps you moving in the right direction, while in turn protecting all that you’ve sacrificed so much for and worked so hard to achieve. Remember, this is a week of healing past heaviness — lighten your load!

Best Advice: Eagle | Guardian of Feathers (King of Swords)

Mentally, you are in an awesome place to make the decisions that will find you acting fairly and judiciously, knowing when it is time to proceed and when it is time to hold back and make further considerations. You have been thinking deeply and find your vision much further-reaching than ever before; use this to your advantage as you begin to plan for what’s next, gaining positive control over and clear direction for your vision.

Now for the Higher Self cards, a message of hope moving forward:

week ahead june 18-24 hs

Higher Self Cards: Expectation + Snapdragon | Assert + Manatee | 6 of Shells/Cups

There are times when it’s necessary to relax your expectations, and there are times when you need to speak up! You have thought long and hard, tangling yourself up in knots wondering if what your heart wanted was even a possibility — you’ve received some confirmation that you can have what you want, even if it looks a bit different from the vision-boards and childhood daydreams. Keep playing with what you’ve got, because you’re close to hitting the “sweet spot” — speak up, knowing that sharing what you want and need really does help things flow in a happier direction!

This is an example of a “Find My Focus” tarot + oracle card reading. If you’re interested in a private reading with me, head over to my Etsy shop! Feel free to use the coupon code THANKS15 for 15% off your reading at checkout <3<3

The Animal Wisdom Tarot. Dawne Brunke. Artwork by Ola Liola. Cico Books, 2013.

Connected and Free: The Alchemist’s Oracle. Lauren Aletta. Illustrated by Tegan Swyny. First Edition. Inner Hue, 2014.

Magic of Flowers Oracle. Tess Whitehurst. Illustrated by Anne Wertheim. First Edition. Woodbury, MN: Llewellyn Publications, 2015.


Week Ahead: June 11-14, 2018

This week I’m getting back to basics with my all-time favourite deck combo: Tarot Mucha, Astrological Oracle Cards, and the Nature-Speak Oracle. That’s the real theme this week, too: thinking “from your roots,” doing what you know works in a tried-and-true way, while being open to making adjustments to your overall approach.

I laid out a crystal grid of clear quartz for clarity of mind and Higher Self connection, olive onyx for protection of your heart and your creative vision, rose quartz for loving compassion for yourself and others, two carnelian for creativity and emotional understanding, two moss agate for an urgent reminder to establish and maintain effective self-care practices, and yellow mookaite for protection of your personal power.

Shadow Cards/Underlying theme of the week:
Saturn + Sunrise & Sunset | New doorways + 9 of Swords reversed
Through dedicated focus to understanding your recent challenges, you’re feeling more assured of your purpose and ready to face what’s next.

Oracle Cards: Mercury + Meadow| Growth and abundance
A fertile week for thinking of new ways to expand and communicate your vision!
Focus for the week: 0 – The Fool reversed
This is a week for making better choices; remember that the universe really does have your back ♡♡
What to Release: 8 of Wands
Last week’s zipping changes are settling down, leaving you more aware of what you have to work with.
Energy to Increase: 6 of Wands reversed
There’s a distinct potential for conflict this week, especially where it comes to feeling like you’re receiving the recognition you feel you deserve!
Best Advice: 8 of Pentacles reversed
Do your best to stay focused, getting things in order to accomodate the new direction you know you’re heading. You’ll be able to focus on what you actually want to be doing soon enough ♡♡Higher Self Cards: Message of hope moving forward:
Uranus + Dandelion | Persist in pursuits + Knight of Pentacles
Change is uncomfortable, but it can also be exciting! Push through and keep planning — stay grounded with the motto “slow and steady,” pausing when necessary to recalibrate on your way ♡♡


If you’re interested in a personalized reading with me, head over to my Etsy shop! Feel free to use the coupon code THANKS15 at checkout for 15% off <3<3


Decks used:

Astrological Oracle Cards. LWB: Lunaea Weatherstone. Artwork: Antonella Castelli. Torino, Italy: Lo Scarabeo, 2012. © Lo Scarabeo Italy.

The Nature-Speak Oracle. Ted Andrews. Jackson, TN: Dragonhawk Publishing, 2006.

Tarot Mucha. LWB: Lunaea Weatherstone. Artwork: Giulia F. Massaglia. Torino, Italy: Lo Scarabeo, 2014. © Lo Scarabeo Italy.

Energy Update: Feeling through the Shadows

Energy Update: Goodness me — the sun is shining, it’s warm, the birds and flowers and bees are buzzing, but it feels like a faraway corner of a deep, dark pit. Wtf??

This reading from the Wisdom of Trees Oracle, TWU Animal Spirit Oracle, and the Game of Thrones Tarot (3 favourite Shadow-Work decks!) seeks to understand what’s happening and why.

I laid out a crystal grid of a heart-shaped howlite to protect and stabilize your connection with your Higher Self, a quartz geode to further “part the veil” and help you access your personal flow, garnet to ground you in your life purpose, lilac lepidolite to calm you and help process the patterns at play, celestite to call in universal support and gelp tou communicate your needs clearly and productively, turritella agate to further unpack your patterns in such a way that you feel more in control, and brecciated jasper for further grounding from the heart, calling in support and abundance to getyou feeling back on track.

Oracle Cards: European Beech reversed + Panther

Ohh yes. You’re feeling disconnected from your creative purpose under the sheer weight of knowing that when you get it done (and you will) it will be so amazing, so transcendent, that that very pressure has you squalling and scrambling to put off those very rewards.

Situation: XXI – The World reversed

Wouldn’t it be so much easier if you could ignore your “calling?” You can’t, and once you’ve heard it, everything that does not support your trajectory naturally starts to fall away. However, that leaves you on uncharted terrain, unable to use your old map!! Things have been shaken up so much, and your compass is spinning as you settle into what to do next to restabilize and proceed.

Challenge: VIII – Strength

You *do* know which direction you want to go — it’s about remembering that you can do anything you set your mind to. The “Inner Beast” is roaring, rearing up and trying to scare you back into your old ways, but there’s no room for that anymore. Choose change, choose discomfort, choose to work things out diffetently this time, knowing you are growing stronger for going against the grain ♡♡

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Week Ahead: June 4-10, 2018

This week’s reading is drawn from the Nature-Speak Oracle, Pixie’s Astounding Lenormand, and the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, which I’m having a total love affair with lately! Check out the video at the end of this post for a full breakdown of the reading, including the astrology for this week.

I laid out a crystal grid of citrine to connect you with your personal power, Botswana agate to help process the big emotional patterns you’ve been experiencing, dendritic agate to nurture and protect your newfound “roots,” amazonite for balance between your inner dualities, dumortierite for direct/productice thinking, yellow calcite to solidify the advances you’ve made in the self-esteem department, prehnite to keep you speaking from a place of love, and fluorite to keep your heart and tour intuition on the same wavelength.

To begin, we’ll look at the Shadow Cards, indicating the underlying theme of the week ahead:

Shadow Cards: Oak | Be Strong but Gentle + The Scythe + X – The Wheel of Fortune reversed

Things have slowed down enough that you now know what needs to be “cut out” in support of your creative ambitions.

Oracle Cards: Clouds | Signs & Visions reversed + [The Sun + The Tree + The Snake]

The clouds have parted, finding you able to soak in the good that came of last week’s struggles; you have a bettee perspective on what is healing and growing, and again, you know what “poison” must be sucked out in order to proceed effectively.

Card 1: Focus: I – The Magician

Woohoo, you know you have the skills and resources necessary to succeed!

Card 2: Release: 5 of Cups

You can let go of last week’s emotional struggles, as someone came through for you in such a way that you feel you can trust that you are loved and supported.

Card 3: Energy to Increase: VI – The Lovers

Indeed — loving support! You feel assured in your recent choices and ready to climb that next nountain.

Card 4: Best Advice: 10 of Wands

Watch your energy levels — delegate responsibility and rearrange tasks to keep yourself on track. Very real potential for burnout — ask for help!!

Higher Self Cards: Forest | Awaken Your Magic + The Stork + 10 of Swords

Very cool things are happening — blessings abound! Cut out what you know is holding you back and turn to face that bright new horizon ♡♡

If you’re interested in a private reading with me, head over to my Etsy shop! Feel free to use the coupon code THANKS15 for 15% off your reading at checkout <3<3

The Nature-Speak Oracle. Ted Andrews. Jackson, TN: Dragonhawk Publishing, 2006.

Pixie’s Astounding Lenormand. Edmund Zebrowski. Stamford, CT: U.S. Games Sytems, Inc., 2015.

Rider Waite Tarot Deck. Arthur Edward Waite. Illustrated by Pamela Coleman Smith. Stamford, CT: U.S. Games Sytems, Inc., 2007.

Week Ahead: May 28-June 3, 2018

This week’s reading is drawn from the Wisdom of Trees Oracle, Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards, and the Druidcraft Tarot. Instead of a full blog post, I’m trying a new video format for the week’s tarot/astrology breakdown. The video can be found at the end of this post! This is a big week, complete with the Full Moon in Sagittarius on Tuesday — it’s a week for connecting with your passion, breaking free, and persevering towards accessing and then creating with/sharing your purpose!

week ahead may 28 to june 3 2018 shadowpg

Shadow Cards: Silver Birch reversed + Pele | Divine Passion + Queen of Pentacles reversed

week ahead may 28 to june 3 2018 main

Oracle Cards: Monterey Pine reversed + Athena | Inner Wisdom

Card 1: Focus for the Week: 7 of Cups reversed

Card 2: Energy to Release: XXI – The World

Card 3: Energy to Increase: 9 of Cups

Card 4: Best Advice: 6 of Cups reversed

week ahead may 28 to june 3 2018 higher self

Higher Self Cards: Ash + Bast | Independent + III – The Lady/Empress

Decks Used:

The DruidCraft Tarot. Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm. Illustrated by Will Worthington. St. Martin’s Press, 2005.

Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards. Doreen Virtue. Various artists. Carlsbad, CA: Hay House, Inc., 2004.

The Wisdom of Trees Oracle. Jane Struthers. Illustrated by Meraylah Allwood. Watkins Publishing, 2017 (2nd Edition).


Week Ahead: April 30-May 6, 2018

Monday again?! It’s true, and this will feel like a very “Monday” week overall, where challenges abound and a persevering mindset will be required. I had to laugh at myself picking along this morning having already pulled the cards for this week’s post, noticing how much what was happening fit in with the messages for the week — I was struggling with the double-stroller and its flat wheels/rust issues which were increased by only having Ori which affected the weight balance, trying to hold an umbrella because it was pouring while steering with the other hand. At one point it crossed my mind that I hoped someone driving by saw me and felt better about their own day!!

At any rate, this is not a particularly busy week astrologically, although the few major aspects that form will have massive clout!

On Tuesday evening around 11:24 pm, Venus forms a Quincunx with Saturn. A quincunx represents a misunderstanding, a need for adjustment, requiring a new approach; Venus in Gemini wants to flit and flirt, while Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn needs order, predictability, and focus on dotting all the i’s and crossing the t’s. No fun for Venus!! Tuesday evening it may feel like your creativity or your affections are being squashed by reality, and your best bet will be to roll with it and try to find some middle ground that keeps the fun alive but also makes room for making solid plans for the future.

On Saturday, Mercury in Aries quincunxes Jupiter in Scorpio around 1:00 pm AST. Quincunx city!! Here we have the planet of war and passion, on its home turf, finding conflict with the planet of luck and expansion in the sign of secrecy and also passion — a recipe for some passionate revelations!! Goodness, this is a good week to share any secrets you’ve been harbouring, because there’s a good chance the lid will be blown off one way or another by the time Saturday rolls around. Whatever results from this aspect will surely feel constructive, but could feel quite fiery and hellish in the midst.

On Sunday the Sun in Taurus sextiles Neptune in Pisces around 10:56 am AST. If you’re still reeling from Saturday, this will provide an opportunity to re-ground and reassess the “illusions” you’ve been hanging on to, and to start thinking towards how to create better and more beautiful systems of security in your life, how to redefine your personal boundaries in a way that allows you to feel inspired and unshakeable.

This week the Moon moves from intense Scorpio (how about that Full Moon last night?) through Sagittarius and Capricorn, finishing the week in Aquarius. This will be a week of unpacking the past to redetermine the next destination, then putting the plan into action and reaching out to find new innovations for making things work <3<3

week ahead april 30-may 6 backs

This week’s cards are drawn from Astrological Oracle Cards, Oracle of the Mermaids, and Tarot of Mermaids. I laid out a crystal grid of various special shells, a dolomite fish and dolphin for energies of flowing abundance and fun, agatized corals for deeper understanding of your personal patterns, a big carnelian for creativity and connection with your emotional body, landscape jasper for protection of your plans and inspiration to create ones that are far-reaching, chevron amethyst for release from anxiety and connection with your Higher Self, and black onyx for grounding and protection of your personal energy.

To begin, let’s look at the Shadow cards, indicating the underlying theme of the week ahead:

week ahead april 30-may 6 sh

Shadow Cards: Aquarius + 37. Visions reversed + 0 – The Fool

Yes, this week will require a totally revolutionized mindset! You’ve been seeing yourself as a “fish out of water,” not noticing the leaps and bounds you’ve made towards becoming 100% legitimate at what you’re doing — it’s time to see yourself as the real deal, to stop looking for “signs” and detaching yourself a bit emotionally as you settle in to how very real this is now. You have built the necessary structures and now have room to innovate at a new level, one that is no longer a place of fantasy! Your perspective needs to match up with this, and you need to start functioning will full belief in what you have created and the direction you are taking this next. Stop dreaming, start believing, and go!

week ahead april 30-may 6 main

Oracle Cards: Saturn + 31. Coral’s Wisdom

That being said, just because it’s real now doesn’t mean it will come together quickly! No, there is lots of work ahead, testing your structure’s stability and making the necessary adjustments. Challenging to be sure! Trust in the power of time, both that there is enough of it to get everything done, and in your own command of your own time and your ability to make good choices surrounding when to do what. This new beat is becoming a part of you, and you are growing and flourishing as a result of the major life decisions you have made in recent months. You are building your legacy and have really only just begun — what’s that about “Rome wasn’t built in a day?”

Card 1: Focus for the week ahead: 5 of Swords

Indeed, the picture of me struggling along in the rain comes to mind: this will be a week of conflicts, of mental battles, of being presented with messy debris and having to decide precisely what you’re going to do with it. Thank goodness it’s cleanup week in my town so the literal garbage can actually be tossed to the curb for good! It’s the mental stuff that will be harder — and also more necessary — to sort effectively. When thoughts or circumstances pop up that you’d rather not deal with, it’s probably a good time to take a close look at them to determine why you’re so averse! This week it will be very important to look for solutions, because sweeping things under the rug won’t work.

Card 2: Release: 7 of Swords

It’s so funny, I feel like I’m writing the astro advice out again! Truly, this week it’s time to be honest, honest, honest on a newer and higher level than ever before! Skeletons are coming out of closets all over the place, so own yours on your own terms before someone busts it out on you on theirs. Even if you were keeping this to yourself because it felt like that was the best way, do some soul-searching about potential outcomes of sharing. Everyone is put at a disadvantage when something is being withheld, and being honest will feel like a weight has been lifted as new solutions will be opened up for exploration.

Card 3: Energy to Increase: 10 of Swords

Even though these first three tarot cards are some of the “most negative” in the deck, I was laughing as I turned them over — it’s like the week went “pow! slap! punch! haha!!” Yes, there’s no escaping the “realness” of this week, and the way to make the best of it will be to be honest with yourself about that last pattern that you need to break. You know you can’t continue on like this, you know that making this one energetic change will allow you to both feel and be more effective in your daily routine — all this requires (“all this requires,” haha!) is one teensy shift in your thinking. Mine is “I don’t have time to do a load of laundry every morning.” The answer is yes I do, and it will save me the time that load takes in searching for tiny socks and underwear because I’ll know that there’s at least a pair for everybody done. Now, to put that plan into action…!

Card 4: Best Advice: Knight of Cups

Aww <3<3 this was like a nice little hug after all those challenging Swords cards! Ultimately, get yourself through this week by constantly reminding yourself that you had a dream, you took action on it, and it is more real than ever now — you really are living that dream, you’re following your heart, and everything is going exactly how it should. These growing pains are you expanding to fill your bigger boots, you living up to your purpose, you reaching new levels of accessing your truth! This is so, so beautiful and you should be as proud of yourself as everyone else is. You are a shooting star, and trudging through this week’s challenges will find you that much closer to feeling like the diamond being formed under all this pressure <3<3 When I flipped this card the lyrics “take a chance on me” popped into my head — this week, support may be found in unexpected places, and the power of love will be a major player in making everything feel like it’s going to be okay (here’s a secret: it is!!).

Now for the Higher Self cards, a message of hope moving forward:

week ahead april 30-may 6 hs

Higher Self Cards: Sagittarius + 2. Transparency + 4 of Swords

Oh yes, keep shooting for the stars — if anything you’ll notice that this week’s challenges are not about lack, but rather gain; everything you’re forced to deal with will hold some sort of reward, something that in overcoming will further fuel you to seek out the next step. This is because you truly have touched on something that’s so authentically you that nothing can keep you from living it, from vibing on it, from being lifted up through the very knowledge that you get to do this as a part of your real life experience. Whoa!! That’s kind of overwhelming, accepting that things are on the right track — as always this week, if it all becomes too much at any point, your Higher Self has thrown you the “nap card:” a temporary check-out to check-back-in, recharge, get up and keep going!

This week is a gateway, like the “second gate” after the massive one presented at the Full Moon on Sunday — you’ve entered the antechamber and are getting closer to the treasure. This week you’ll be feeling around for the “key,” the key to striking the balance that will free up the flow — this will be an ongoing theme as we get deeper into May, which promises to have its share of zany and unexpected occurrences as Uranus prepares to move into Taurus on the 15th. We’re in the Shadow of this shift and things are already changing — manage your energy levels as best you can and remember that you’re doing amazing work towards making this everything it can be <3<3

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Decks used:

Astrological Oracle Cards. Lunaea Weatherstone and Antonella Castelli. Llewellyn, 2012.

Oracle of the Mermaids. Lucy Cavendish. Artwork by Selina Fenech. Victoria, Australia: Blue Angel Publishing, 2013.

Tarot of Mermaids. Lo Scarabeo. Llewellyn Publications, 2003.

Full Moon in Scorpio: April 29, 2018

Today is the Full Moon in Scorpio! I’ve been feeling this one intensely, experiencing all kinds of old memories and patterns being dredged up for consideration — Scorpio is the sign of passion, of intensity, of secrets and deep-soul exploration, and with the Full Moon happening at 9 degrees, this moon will very much be about healing the past in a way that transforms the future, welcoming in new energy of rising above the past and its darknesses with greater self-understanding and renewed vigour to seek meaning and purpose in your life. Transformational experiences have been the theme lately, leaving us all feeling like raw little babies re-learning how to settle down and relax into our given circumstances. This Full Moon will help to integrate all that’s been going on, and provide the opportunity to help your manifestations along with some potent Scorpio-energy intention-setting!

This Full Moon’s reading is drawn from the Sacred Rebels Oracle, Dreaming Way Lenormand, and Dreaming Way Tarot. Where I usually read the oracle cards together, this time I’ll read the oracle card alone and combine the Lenormand and tarot cards. I laid out a crystal grid of moonstone to connect with the energy of the Full Moon and help shed light on your personal cycles, crazy lace agate to find grounding through laughter, citrine to boost your self-confidence and highlight your best ideas, two rhyolite to connect your sense of creativity with what you want to express from the heart, pyrite for powerful manifestation energy, and chrysocolla for clear and effective communication of what you are preparing to bring forward.

This was meant to be a 3-Card Tarot reading with 2 Oracle cards (I draw 3 Lenormand cards when I use those decks as oracles), but I had a jumper when shuffling the Dreaming Way Tarot! These are such lively, communicative decks <3<3

To begin, let’s look at the Shadow cards for this Full Moon reading, indicating the underlying themes at present:

full moon in scorpio sh

Shadow Cards: 29. Seeing the True You + 1. Rider + Ace of Cups reversed

The energy surrounding this Full Moon is very much about seeing yourself in a very real, very raw light, in such a way that you’re spurred to take action towards self-betterment — this is not a new line of thinking, but rather one that’s been percolating for a while now. You’ve been reflecting on this often recently, playing with the idea, feeling out what it would be like to bring it forth — you know it will require letting something go for good, an outpouring that will definitely be emotional! You also know how very good it will feel to allow yourself to enter that space, how you will bubble up and bask in the refreshing new way that letting this one thing go will free up the new flow you know you need.

full moon in scorpio main

Oracle Card: 6. Shock of the New + Page of Cups (jumper)

You have grown so much lately, and are now integrating all the personal revelations you’ve had recently, navigating the new ways you’ve begun to process your emotions and experience joy and wonder. You are fully opening up to how purely fun, nice, and surprising life can be, and you are ready to take the measures needed to feel “full” again. You’ve been testing the waters where it comes to actually speaking forth what you need to find emotional balance, and to your delight, you feel heard and responded to! Keep trusting that thing will be coming up roses and guided by love, that the intensity of recent weeks has been your heart and soul adjusting to the new frequency you’ve reached! Feeling like you’re fumbling is just your learning process at this new life-level.

Past – What You’ve Come Through: 29. Lady + 18 – The Moon

Yes, even though it’s felt like all the creepy-crawlies and critters from your deepest subconscious have come to visit you lately, as a result you have grown so, so much as a person! If you don’t notice it, you’ve probably been noticing comments about your poise or efficiency, brushing them aside but later pondering on them and examining why you do or don’t believe them to be true. You have done a thorough check-in with the cycles you’ve been experiencing, and you have settled into the knowledge of what needs to be done to make you feel much more like yourself on a regular basis, and healthier/ more whole in the long run.

Present – Where You Are Now: 36. Cross + 1. The Magician

It’s tough work, realizing your full potential and committing to using your natural gifts! It requires a cooling of the ego, a degree of modesty while showing your true self and living by your own code. Well, you’ve found yours and are learning its deeper nuances, its exciting and sometimes frustrating intricacies, feeling out the weight of your calling and learning how to work your personal magic in a way that is responsible and consistent. Good for you, because this is one of the most challenging processes ever!! Keep at it, and know that the new start you’ve made was a total step in the right direction, trusting the journey to unfold for the best. It may get harder before it gets easier, but you know what you’re working towards and you fully have the skills to do it!

Future – Where You Are Headed: 32. Moon + 21. The World

No kidding about things getting harder before they get easier — you are at a massive turning point where it comes to settling in to Who You Really Are, and so naturally challenges to your mettle will abound. Try thinking of them as you do of the pop quizzes sprung on you in school: do you remember any of those now? Nah, but they taught you to expect the unexpected, grumble a bit, and move on more or less unscathed. Real life has an interesting way of presenting similar challenges, over and over, until you notice the patterns and do what you need to to break the cycles that deter you and embrace the ones that push you forward — right now you are aware of both a very big cycle that needs breaking, as well as the new one beginning that promises to sweep you away towards much bigger and better ways of using your time and talents. “Challenge” will be the name of the game as you learn to wield your new personal power, glowing with possibility, stepping into this new cycle ready to make powerful use of your time and energy come what may. The Month of May itself is sure to be filled with massive changes as Uranus moves from Aries into Taurus — brace yourself and trust in upcoming developments to be for your greater good <3<3

Now for the Higher self cards, a message of hope moving forward:

full moon in scorpio hs

Higher Self Cards: 28. Collaborative Dreaming + 27. Letter + 8 of Pentacles

Indeed, if anything this Full Moon will show you who you want to work with and how you want to use your skills moving forward. Be open to receive any messages, especially surrounding your personal strengths, as these will inspire your next steps towards stabilizing all that you’ve been working towards! This will be a period of teamwork and support, as you put the finishing touches on something important and prepare to send it out into the world. You know what has been blocking you from sharing your ideas and being receptive to others’, and you are ready to find new ways to collaborate and share space.

This Full Moon in Scorpio, know that you have been putting your energy towards exactly what needs to be nurtured at this time! Focus on manifesting the structure you now know more than ever that you need, and be open to the new experiences that making the necessary changes to achieve that structure will bring. Your relationships will be in a better place as a result of making known your emotional needs, and you will feel better able to focus as a result of voicing your truth. Even if you can’t find the words, as the saying goes, sometimes actions speak louder! This Full Moon is a massive gateway towards building the life you’ve been envisioning for yourself — keep that vision in mind and open yourself to the opportunities and experiences to come <3<3

Decks Used:

Dreaming Way Lenormand. Lynn Araujo. Illustrated by Kwon Shina. U.S. Games Systems, 2016.

Dreaming Way TarotRome Choi. Illustrated by Kwon Shina. U.S. Games Systems, 2012.

Sacred Rebels Oracle. Alana Fairchild. Illustrated by Autumn Skye Morrison. Blue Angel Publishing, 2017 (2nd Edition).

Week Ahead: April 23-29, 2018

Phew! It’s finally feeling like Spring has actually sprung — the air is warm and the sun is shining, the birds are chirping and you finally feel like what you’ve been waiting for is here — and it is <3<3 This week the Moon makes her way from Leo through to a Full Moon in Scorpio on Sunday. It’s a week of fiery, driven energy, of identifying important details and making choices, of listening to and tending to your soul and its purpose. This week is about taking stock, deciding where you stand, and embracing all you’ve been given as you continue to make amazing use of it!

In the wee hours of Tuesday morning, around 2:13 am, Mars forms a sextile with Jupiter. This represents an opportunity to expand on your passion, to spread was fires you up as far as it can go! On Tuesday evening around 9:41 pm, Venus sextiles Chiron, providing an opportunity to see your past pain/wounds in a new, more loving light, and in turn to use those experiences as an inspirational stepping stone to planning something beautiful.

Wednesday finds Mercury forming a trine with Saturn around 6:28 pm, making it easy to think through what until this point had been an obstacle — most likely this ease was made possible by yesterday’s Venus/Chiron realization.

Thursday starts of with a bang, one that could go either way, as Mars conjuncts Pluto at 8 am. This represents a blending of the energies of the gods of War and Passion and of Death and Destruction — oh my!! This day’s events will either feel spiritually transformational or chaotic and messy, and it’s really up to you to choose how you process any conflicts encountered.

The week closes with the Full Moon in Scorpio at 9:58 PM — time to celebrate Lunar Beltane (with Beltane/May Day this coming Tuesday!

For this week’s spread I wanted to do something a little different — I always get all swept up in how beautiful the cards backs alone look just before I turn the cards in a spread, so I want to start sharing a “card back” picture for everyone to enjoy <3<3

week ahead apr 23-29 backs

This week’s spread is drawn from the Mary-el Tarot, Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards, and the Ostara Tarot. I laid out a crystal grid of moonstone to maximize the positive effects of the charged energy of the upcoming Full Moon, as well as for increased understanding of your persona cycles, black onyx for grounding and protection of your personal energy, mookaite for the inspiration to ground yourself through creative/productive outlets, tiger’s eye for courage and inner strength as well as manifestation power, rose quartz for compassion for your Self and others,’ and leopardskin jasper for ferociously unbiased understanding of the personal patterns you wish to gain control over for personal betterment and healing moving forward <3<3

To begin, let’s look at this week’s Shadow cards, indicating the underlying theme of the week ahead:

week ahead apr 23-29 sh

Shadow Cards: 7 of Cups + Pele | Divine Passion + Page of Cups

Wow!! You are brimming with zest and vigour, full of ideas and potentials, all spurred on by intense connection with your emotions and intuition. Things are roiling around in such a way that it’s best to hold back at least a little bit, to play with your ideas on your own for now, testing out what will work with “in a way that makes you happy” as the criteria. I know I’ve been test-driving a few creative possibilities, with some clearly being too time-consuming/frustrating to be continued while others are fun and efficient — keep experimenting, keep laughing, keep thriving on what makes your heart and soul howl with delight!

week ahead apr 23-29 main

Oracle Cards: 3 of Cups reversed + Mother Mary | Expect a Miracle

This week is full of crackling potential of every kind — it is so, so important that you maintain a positive and open mindset so that all the good that’s coming your way makes it to you, in turn deflecting the less favourable potentialities that could crop up in moments of frustration and discontent. Go easy on yourself when you’re feeling less-than-friendly or at times when unfriendliness visits you through interactions with others — these flubs will turn around almost as quickly as they began, and can be released safely with the knowledge that things are growing, flowing, and evolving beyond mundane quibbles and quabbles. You’re really starting to branch out to new heights, and observing your own reactions and unshakeability this week will provide you sound evidence of that very growth! You are able to trust that things are moving in the direction you need them to, and you are in position to receive exactly what you have being praying for with all of your heart.

Card 1: Focus for the Week: 9 of Pentacles

Mmm ❤ This card has been stalking us reversed the past several months, as transformations were made and comfort zones were redefined! Well, take this as permission to “settle in” again, to know that you’ve been doing everything right and have very much gotten things back to where you want them. You can be very proud of everything that you’ve worked for, and can feel safe allowing yourself to enjoy it!! Take some time to bask this week, to look around and soak in everything good that’s been achieved, to make note — even literally in a journal — of what you are happy to have at the moment, and of what you can see your current bounty developing into further.

Card 2: Release: XVIII – The Moon reversed

That’s not to say you should turn a blind eye on what is so, so obviously not working at this point that there’s no way you can’t see it! There are a few “will-nots” still clinging on, like rotten wiggly teeth that you haven’t found the gumption to tug off for good. It’s coming, and perhaps mercifully, at this point even if you don’t do anything about this it will fall away on its own — but do know that you still have some control over the way it unfolds should you choose to play a direct role in this ending. This has been building up for so long that at the very least, you know exactly how you feel about it and where you stand. Sometimes it’s okay to give up on hope for something, because that hope-energy can be put to much better use in the other far more hopeful and glowing areas of your life!

Card 3: Energy to Increase: Knight of Swords reversed

Yes, you also know at this point how you yourself have been “hurtful” in the past, and are very focused on changing your patterns in order to be a better listener, a clearer thinker, and a lifelong learner where it comes to interacting and sharing ideas with others. you’ve realized that when you cut others down, you cut yourself too, and the latter is what takes the longest to heal — you are so done with thrashing words, with cutting sentiments, with situations that spin out of control for lack of forethought and lack of emotional sensitivity. You are ready to start wielding your sword for peace, both for yourself and for the people you choose to surround yourself with, and you are ready to join minds with others in such a way everyone feels better represented and protected for the long haul.

Card 4: Best Advice: 3 of Swords

This week will hold its share of triggering memories — I’m looking right at that Venus/Chiron sextile. There’ll be some very real bandaid-ripping, which you can allow to be a helpful process for healing. At points you may feel like everything you’ve been patching together and sewing up has blasted apart and unraveled, but this is an illusion — this is a test. Things are so much different than they were then, and if you compare the facts against the fantasies, you’ll see how much progress has been made. Our mental wilderness is there as a counter-point, an ever-present Shadow to provide contrast to the Light of what is so very true and real. For example, I often start down paths of “I can never get anything done” and “this isn’t how I though it would be,” but when I think of when I was a little girl dreaming of my grown-up life, I wanted to be an artist, have a nice partner and two babies, and lots of pets. Here I am with all those boxes ticked, and even other things to add as bonuses! It sure looks different than I could have ever imagined, but darn if all my wishes haven’t come true, and a little probing in to your own life should find at least a similar box or two that is happily filled. This week will require some creative thinking to make it through the more intense transits, with perspective and grounding for the long haul the main prescriptions for pushing through.

Now for the HIgher Self cards, a message of hope moving forward!

week ahead apr 23-29 hs

Higher Self Cards: III – The Empress + Coventina | Purification + Queen of Wands

This week’s Shadow/Higher Self cards have such a cool trajectory — we move from emotional overwhelm and the youthful energy of the Page through to feminine mastery, nurturing, and blossoming into the passionate power of the Queen! This week plants the seeds for some incredible creative growth, for settling into your purpose and realizing how and where you are needed. Letting go of what holds you back finds you rising like a butterfly, a beacon of peace and hope, feeling colourful and totally inspired to continue forward with what you have started in an amazing and heart-directed way. You have gathered your resources, you have connected with your vision, and now you are giving it the space, the time, and the care it needs to grow and flourish.

This week will have its share of shake-ups, but you know what you’re doing in such a way that you also know that “pulling back” from the fray will actually help your course in the long run. You are so, so close to what you’ve wanted, and can allow yourself to get “comfortable” with your current circumstances — things are feeling more stable, and they are, with a few more rumbles to get everything as close to perfect as can humanly be. When the opportunities arise, choose to examine your past wounds — gently, of course, with the curiosity and tenderness of a child. Know that you are blossoming into your full power, and that the laser-focus you’ve felt rising is becoming clearer and more defined, allowing you to see the path ahead with greater clarity than ever before. Keep taking baby steps as you continue to grow, and keep at the work still to be done re: fully feeling like you deserve what you’ve strived so hard for — you do, you really do! Allow yourself to settle in to your own life; this is now, not then, and things really can be different <3<3

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Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards. Doreen Virtue. Various artists. Carlsbad, CA: Hay House, Inc., 2004.

The Mary-el Tarot. Marie White. Atglen, PA: Schiffer Publishing, 2012.

Ostara Tarot. Morgan Applejohn, Eden Cooke, Krista Gibbard, and Julia Iredale. Schiffer Books, 2017.